Transform Lives This Dhul Hijjah:​

Join READ Foundation in Supporting Orphans

As the blessed month of Dhul Hijjah approaches, seize the opportunity to magnify your rewards by supporting the READ Foundation’s Orphan Sponsorship Programme. During these sacred days, your generosity can have an everlasting impact on the lives of orphans who are in dire need of your help.

Why Your Support Matters

Dhul Hijjah is a time of giving and sacrifice, reflecting the profound acts of devotion shown by Prophet Ibrahim (AS). By sponsoring an orphan through the READ Foundation, you’re not only providing essential needs like food, clothing, and education, but also giving these children a chance to build a brighter future.

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How you can HELP?


Monthly Support


A monthly instalment of $50 for twelve months can cover the cost of education, food security, psychosocial support, and hygiene facilities throughout the year.

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Annual Payment


An annual payment of $600 can cover an entire year of sponsorship, including education, food security, psychosocial support, and hygiene facilities.

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Open Fund

From the heart

Every donation, big or small, can change the life of an orphan in need. Donate to our Orphan fund today and empower them through education.

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Aizah's Story

In the serene yet challenging environment of Maghloora, Kashmir, lives 11-year-old Aizah, a hopeful spirit in the face of adversity. After losing her father at two and her mother's incapacitating accident,Aizah's family found solace and support in an orphan sponsorship programme. This initiative not only
waived school fees but provided a monthly allowance, crucial for their survival.
At the local READ Foundation school, Aizah thrives, cherishing the swings and excelling in lslamiyat. Inspired by her teachers, she dreams of educating others, believing deeply in the power of education to transform lives. Despite her family's struggles, Aizah's ambitions remain undeterred aiming to become a teacher and uplift others in her community Support Aizah and many like her.Sponsor an orphan today and turn education into a beacon of hope.
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How You Can Make a Difference​

Sponsor an Orphan: Commit to a monthly or yearly sponsorship to support an orphan’s education, health, and well-being.

Donate Any Amount: Every contribution helps us reach more children in need.

Spread the Word: Share our mission with your family and friends to increase the impact.

Your Impact With your support last Dhul Hijjah, we were able to provide:

Educational scholarships to over 500 orphans

Regular health check-ups and necessary medical care

A nurturing environment that supports mental and emotional growth

Join us this Dhul Hijjah in a commitment to change lives. Your acts of kindness are a beacon of hope for those who rely on us the most.

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Sahar's Story

In Noor Jamal, Dinga, Sahar Fatima's family faces hardships after the loss of her father, a once-abroad working electrician. The READ Foundation's intervention brought hope: free schooling for Sahar and her sisters uniforms, shoes, and a sewing machine for their mother, slightly
easing their financial burden. Living modestly in a two-room house, they find solace in the foundation's support.
Sahar dreams of continuing education beyond intermediate school, with hopes for more frequent aid distributions. "May Allah keep the donors safe and blessed," says the family, grateful for every bit of support Help us make a lasting impact in the lives of those like Sahar. Your support can light the path to a brighter future.
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Every single child is special and unique, and it is their human right to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment. READ Foundation has been at the forefront of taking care of orphans for years.
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