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READ Foundation promises to secure the future for thousands of vulnerable children around the world, by building new schools. However, we can’t do it without you. Donate now.

One study suggests that 22.8 million children in Pakistan aged between 5 and 6 years old, do not attend school. This represents just under half of the total population in this age group.

Our ideas to construct schools in Pakistan, will ensure that we are making education accessible to all children. Every new school build is constructed with the needs of the area in mind. They include classrooms to accommodate hundreds of students, facilities that promote good hygiene, and sanitation in line with core humanitarian standards. Moreover, they represent a safe space for children within a turbulent life.

Our high schools are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities; including IT suites and science laboratories, as well as libraries, to promote the practice of both textbook and practical knowledge.

Through this development and investment in school communities, we have gradually seen an increase in enrolments, a reduction in dropouts and an increase in the number of students graduating.

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New School Support


A one off payment of $100 contributes towards building a brand new school.

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New School Support


A one off payment of $200contributes towards building a brand new school.

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School Facility Support

$2,000 pm

A monthly payment of $2,000 for twelve months can cover the costs of building a classroom or school facilities.

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Project Overview

The project activities for the development of a new school include:

✓ Working with local partners to secure land and work with contractors to build the school.
✓ Initial enrolment of 30–35 children for each grade from Play Group to Grade 2.
✓ Hiring a team of 12 skilled and trained staff members, including providing teacher training to five female teachers.
✓ Procurement of furniture, teaching and learning materials and equipment.
✓ Registration of the school with the relevant district and provincial authorities.
✓ Application of the National Curriculum Guidelines of Pakistan and ensuring good quality education is provided through teacher training.
✓ Intensive 6-day pre-service training and annual 3-day training for teachers at the start of every new school year.
✓ Evaluation and reporting, carried out by the project supervisor. The specifications and design of the project involves school staff, parents of the pupils enrolled in the school and relevant supervisors at various levels.

The project supports the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

✓ SDG 1: ending poverty in all its forms everywhere.

✓ SDG 4: ensuring quality education for all and promoting lifelong learning.

✓ SDG 5: achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

✓ SDG 10: reducing inequality.

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Schools built to date.
Schools currently in operation.
Orphans have been provided access to quality education.
Teachers employed in our schools and trained.

How You Can Help

Educate the whole community. Support us with building new schools.

A one-off payment of £100 can contribute towards building a brand new school.

A monthly installment of £1,000 can cover costs of building a classroom or school facilities.

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School in a Bus
READ Foundation is working with trusted partners in Lebanon. Each bus provides up to 300 children with facilities, such as interactive whiteboards, books and stationery.
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