"Our vision is to see communities empowered through education."

We believe an educated community is an empowered community. Empowered communities create opportunities for their people. This ensures a sustainable transformation in their societies.


"Our mission is to provide quality education for every child."

We focus on children to enable the development of future generations. We ensure quality education in order to produce change-makers. We reach the most vulnerable to provide opportunity for all.

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"Our values are to ensure sustainability, focus, impact and integrity."

Sustainability: We develop the capability of people and thus, build sustainability in our work. We will strive to ensure localisation in programme delivery and build the capacity of local stakeholders. We will embrace new technologies and innovation in our approach. Our ultimate goal is to ensure there is no dependency upon us.

Focus: We will maintain our focus on education in order to ensure our specialism and expertise.

Impact: We will strive to ensure the best possible impact of our programmes and continually monitor and evaluate our work in order to learn and adapt.

Integrity: We will ensure that we are principled in all we do and how we do it.


Unlocking the potential of all children we support, in the classroom, in work and in life.

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At READ Foundation, we believe that education has the power to end poverty.

Guided by Islamic principles and upholding our values –respect, trust, empowerment, equality and transparency – we provide access to education for all vulnerable people within impoverished communities around the world.

So far, we have:

Built over 390 schools
Supported 12,549 orphans
Educated 59,855 boys and 52,151 girls
Gained an alumnus of 150,000 pupils in our schools

Be the difference.

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Night shelter & Drop in centre
READ Foundation has established drop-in centres as shelters for children in need. This protects them from the dangers of child labour, drugs and sexual exploitation. Our staff are well-equipped with skills and expertise to support and protect them.
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